Meet Our Mentors!

Our mentorship program pulls from distinguished Woodsworth College graduates from a wide variety of fields. Below are some profiles of our mentors:

Athmika Punja graduated from Woodsworth College in 2010 with an Honours Bachelors of Arts with a double major in Political Science and English. She currently works as the Operations Project Manager at ECW Press, which is one of Canada's largest independent publishers. Her job encompasses process development and strategic planning related to sales and inventory decisions, requires her to take inventory of books from a wide variety of sources (Amazon, Kindle, Indigo, Costco, and Barnes & Noble just to name a few), and keeping up with whatever lands on her desk.

Dr. Andrew Cumming graduated from Woodsworth College in 1984 with an Honours Bachelors of Science with a specialization in physics. After his undergraduate degree, he went on to complete a PhD at MIT in physics. His post doctoral work was done at Bell Labs in New Jersey. Dr. Cumming was awarded the Presidential Young Investigator Award by President George H. W. Bush, and then went on to become a faculty member at the University of Florida in the Physics department. However, physics isn't where he is now. After returning to Canada, he worked in trading businesses with equity derivatives with Citibank, Deutsche Bank and Scotiabank. Currently, he serves as the Portfolio Manager and Managing Director of Blackheath Fund Management.

Junior West graduated from Woodsworth College in 2013 with an Honours Bachelors of Science with a major in Cell & Molecular Biology and a specialist in Health & Disease. While he was a student of Woodsworth College, he worked as a Don of the Woodsworth College Residence. His work experience also includes being a Director of External Relations for S.E.E.D.S (Supporting Education, Empowerment, and Devlopment through Science), which is a non-profit organization that aims to bridge life sciences with healthy lifestyle education for underpriviledged youth. He is now completing his PhD at the University of Toronto, with a focus on the regulation of epithelial tissue development in the Drosophilia melanogaster (the fruit fly). 

Navdeep Johal graduated from Woodsworth College in 2012 with an Honours Bachelors of Arts with a double major in Philosophy and Sociology. She then went on to complete a Masters of Public Policy at the University of Toronto. Her past work experience includes working for the City of Toronto as a Research Associate and a consultant for the Public Good Initiative, which is a pro-bono consulting organization. She is currently a Senior Policy Analyst with the Ontario Ministry of Education where she works on licensing practices for child care in the province.  

Sean Kiefte graduated from Woodsworth College in 2009 with an Honours Bachelors of Arts with a major in Employment Relations and a double minor in Philosophy and Political Science. After graduating, he held a variety of positions at the University of Toronto that involved work in the areas of accessibility, anti-racism, labour relations, and compensation. Sean currently works in the Ontario Ministry of Government & Consumer Services which provides centrally administered HR Services to all the Ministries in the Ontario government. He provides expertise in the planning, development, and implementation of job evaluation systems. Sean currently serves on the Board of Directors of the Alumni Association of Woodsworth College (AAWC).