Membership of the 2012-2013 Woodsworth College Council

Ex-Officio Members

David Naylor - President of the University or designate

Cheryl Misak - Vice-President and Provost or designate

Joe Desloges - Principal of the College

Linda White - Vice-Principle of the College

Cheryl Shook - Registrar of the College

Mariel O'Niell-Karch - Immediate past Principal

Asad Jamal - President of APUS

Lucinda Williams - President of AAWC

Nick Gourlay - President of WCSA

Nzube Ekpunobi - President of the College Residence Council or designate

David Kim (Acting) - The dean of the College Residence or designate

Suzanne Stevenson, Vice-Dean teaching and Learning - A rep. of the Dean, Faculty of Arts and Science

Cynthia Bishop - A rep. of the Dean, Rotman School of Management

David Newman - A designate of the Vice-Provost, Students

Mariana Valverde - The Director of the Centre of Criminology or designate

Anil Verma - The Director of the Centre for Industrial Relations

Eight members of the Teaching Staff - appointed by the Principal of the College

Lori Riznek - CIHR/ER

Rosemary Gartner - Criminology

Brock MacDonald - Director, Academic Writing Centre/ABP/199

J.Barbara Rose - Academic Bridging/199

William Watson- Criminology

Matthew Light - Criminology

Rafael Gomez - CIRHR/ER

Tom Socknat - Director, Academic Bridging Program/ABP/199

Five Other Academic Appointees - appointed by the Principal of the College

Jack Chambers - Linguistics

Carolyn Coté - TESOL

Bruno Magliocchetti - Summer Abroad/Italian Studies

Anne Urbancic - Summer Abroad/Italian Studies

Rep from ABP TBD - Academic Bridging Program

Three appointees of the Principal of the College

Thomas Mathien - Tranistional Year Program

Teresa Kramarz - Woodsworth One

Alana Boland - Geography

Six members of the Administrative Staff of the College - elected

Silvia Cocolo

Barbara Track

Yvonne Hilder

Roger Bulgin

Sarah Witol

Betty Lam-Clarke

Up to 4 Woodsworth College Alumni - chosen by the AAWC Board

Ken Davy

Anne Erikson

Elizabeth Trotter

One Don of the Woodsworth College Residence

Najva Amin

Up to 20 Woodsworth College Students – Chosen by WCSA Board and recruited

Arianne Bohnert Rose Fox Harshali Rele
Arisa Babiuk Susan Serwaczek Johnathan Warda
Bryan Murray Susan Shah Kelly Dolan
Elizabeth Healy Ashima Agarwal Joy Zhou
Tom Gleason Maryan Hussein Nicolas Esper