2016-17 Membership:

The Principal of the College: Joe Desloges
The Vice-Principal of the College: Brock MacDonald
The Assistant Principal & Registrar of the College: Cheryl Shook

Two additional members elected by the Council:

Rafael Gomez, Centre for Industrial Relations and Human Resources 
Dionne Pohler, Centre for Industrial Relations and Human Resources 

Five Members of Teaching Staff;

Alexandra Bolintineanu, Woodsworth College 
Beth Fischer,  Woodsworth College 
Theresa Moritz, Woodsworth College
Tom Socknat, Woodsworth College
William Watson, Centre for Criminology and Sociolegal Studies 

Five students elected by the Council 

Anan Guo
Jennifer Hoi Ki Hau
George Moshenski-Dubov 
Sangeethai Sivan
Mary Katherine Stamatopoulos
Broqachel Wu 

One member from the Alumni Association of Woodsworth College elected by Council:
Junior West  

Three members of the Woodsworth College administrative staff nominated by the Principal and approved by the Council:

Sarah Witol, Director, Professional and International Programs 
Yvonne Hilder, Awards Officer
Sandra Moffat, Learning Strategist