2015-2016 Membership

The Academic Advisory Committee shall consist of:

The Principal of the College; Carol Chin (Acting Principal)

The Vice-Principal of the College; Brock MacDonald

The Assistant Principal & Registrar of the College; Cheryl Shook

Two additional members elected by the Council;

  •     Matthew Light, Centre for Criminology & Sociolegal Studies
  •     Rafael  Gomez, Centre for Industrial Relations& Human Resources

Five Members of Teaching Staff;

  •     Beth Fischer, Woodsworth College
  •     Theresa Moritz, Woodsworth College
  •     Lori Riznek, Centre for Industrial Relations & Human Resources
  •     Tom Socknat,  Woodsworth College
  •     William Watson, Centre for Criminology & Sociolegal Studies

Five students elected by the Council to include one member of ERSA and CRIMSA;

  •     Nicholas Beckett
  •     Ahmed Khanani
  •     Amara McIntyre
  •     Gayane Mirzoyan

One member from the Alumni Association of Woodsworth College elected by Council;

  •     Junior West

Three members of the Woodsworth College administrative staff nominated by the Principal and approved by the Council;

  •     Sarah Witol, Director, Professional & International Programs
  •     Yvonne Hilder, Awards Officer
  •     Sandra Moffat, Learning Strategist