Beginnings - A history of Extension and the Creation of the College

The history of the creation of Woodsworth College is bound up in the University of Toronto's long history of providing courses, certificates and diplomas to students who did not always travel a direct path to secondary education.

A thorough account of the history of the Divison of Extension and the creation of Woodworth College was prepared by John A. Blythe in 1976 for the School of Continuing Studies at the University of Toronto.  This work is called A Foundling At Varsity: A history of the Division of University Extension, University of Toronto.  Over the summer and fall of 2013, a Woodsworth College alumna, Gianna Leggio, read this account as well as the transcipts of interviews with the first Principal of Woodsworth College (tapes transcribed by former Alumni Association president, Wiebke Smythe) and other archival materials, and wrote a shortened version of this very interesting history of the University and the College.  Ms Leggio's historical summary is available here.

Please contact the office of Advancement, Alumni and Communications for any further information about the history of Woodsworth College.