AAC 2011-12 Membership

2011-2012 Membership

The Academic Advisory Committee shall consist of:

Five members of the teaching staff elected by the Council:
Jack Chambers, Professor, Linguistics
Rafael Gomez, Associate Professor, Centre for Industrial Relations and Human Resources
Kathryn Morgan, Professor, Philosopy, Women & Gender Studies Institute
Brock MacDonald, Senior Lecturer and Director, Academic Writing Centre, Woodsworth College
Mariana Valverde, Professor and Director, Centre for Criminology and Sociolegal Studies

The Principal of Woodsworth College:
Joe Desloges, Professor, Geography

The Vice-Principal of Woodsworth College:
Linda White,  Associate Professor, Political Science, School of Public Policy and Governance

The Registrar of Woodsworth College:
Cheryl Shook

Five students elected by the Council to include the presidents (or designates) of the Employment Relations Students' Association and the Criminology Students' Association (additional students are accepted as "guests"):  
Omar Khan
Olivia Laskarzewski
Michelle Li (ERSA)
Virginia Lomax (CRIMSA)
Darshika Patel
Alexandra Peng

One member from the Alumni Association of Woodsworth College elected by Council:
Casey Mak

Three members of the administrative staff nominated by the Principal and approved by the Council:
Yvette Ali, Director, Professional and International Programs Office
Sara Brown, Visiting Student Office
Eurico Martins, Academic Bridging Office

Two additional members elected by the Council:
Theresa Moritz, Senior Lecturer, Woodsworth College
Thomas Socknat,  Senior Lecturer and Academic Director, Academic Bridging Program,  Woodsworth College