AAC 2009-10 Membership

2009-2010 Academic Advisory Committee
The Academic Advisory Committee shall consist of:

Five members of the teaching staff elected by the Council;

  • Jack Chambers - Professor, Linguistics Department
  • Kathryn Morgan - Professor, Philosopy Department, Women & Gender Studies Institute
  • Theresa Moritz - Lecturer,  Woodsworth College
  • Lori Riznek - Lecturer, Employment Relations & MIHR Programs
  • William Watson - Lecturer, Criminology Program

The Principal of the College;

  • Joe Desloges - Principal, Professor, Geography Department

The Registrar of the College;

  • Cheryl Shook - Registrar, Woodsworth College

Five students elected by the Council to include one Woodsworth College member of ERSA and CRIMSA;

  • Margaret Hirst
  • Andrea Kareclas (CRIMSA President)
  • Leslie Krenbrenk
  • Lina McDonald (ERSA Co-President)
  • Amy Tang (ERSA Co-President)

One member from the Alumni Association of Woodsworth College elected by Council;

  • Casey Mak

Three members of the administrative staff nominated by the Principal and approved by the Council;

  • William Bateman -  Director, Program Office
  • Yvette Ali - Director, Professional and International Programs Office

Two additional members elected by the Council;

  • Julie He (Student)


  • Professor Ron Levi, Professor Rafael Gomez

Note:  At least ten of the eighteen members of the Committee shall be members of the Council